What a great time to be living in Omokoroa!

We have had the announcement of the new, albeit temporary, location of a bigger, brighter, better, library and service centre. Adding this facility on to the end of the proposed Sports and Recreational Society pavilion in Western Ave will be a fantastic asset, both in the short-term as the library and in the long-term as more community space in the pavilion.

A side benefit of the library move is that the urbanisation of Western Ave will be advanced which will mean the end of the muddy parking at the Skatepath and the construction of a footpath between the Skatepath/playground area and the new library.

In spite of all the bad weather that has conspired against them, the contractors have the road sealed, the friendly stop/go ladies have moved on to other projects, and access ways are formed and useable into two of the three new subdivisions. Currently, work is progressing on the new park-n-ride facility opposite Prole Road and the walkway/cycleway path between SH2 and the railway bridge.

Progress is underway on the plans for the upgrade to the Domain area and the public feedback on the various proposals was fantastic.

The new playground at the Skatepath should be underway before Christmas.

Over 400 rushes, reeds and flax were planted by the senior students from Omokoroa Point School in a wetland area near the Cooney Reserve carpark. This will improve the look of this area which will become a popular start/finish point once the cycleway reaches Tauranga. Controlling the weeds and replacing them with native species will also improve the habitat for our native fauna.

And a better bus service is coming later this year.

Isn’t is a shame, with all the great things happening that we cannot get the Government to put in the new interchange and a four-lane road to Tauranga?